my family小学英语作文带中文【精选6篇】


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my family作文 篇1

Look,this is my family photo .

This is my father .His work in hard .Because he is a driver . This is my mother .My mother doesn't have a job . Because I have a sister and a brother . My mother must take care of us .My sister's name is Wang Meng yao .My brother's name is Wang Lu yao .They are cute .This is my uncle .My uncle also is a driver.My aunt is a shop assistant .but she desn't like her job she wants to be a poliewoman. My uncle desn't like to be a policeman Because he thinks it's a little dangerous Those are my cousins .They are leaming at kangyuan Middle school .they like going to the mories with me .their favorite actor is paul Jackson .He har a new movie, My Fatber's Birtbday .It's a very funny comedy .these are my grandparent This is my family.

Do you like then ?I do。

my family英语作文 篇2

There are three people in my family.My father is a manager in a factory and my mother is a teacher in a primary school.Both of them are very busy with their work every day.After work,my mother does lots of housework and my father helps me with my lessons.I am a pupil.I am interested in my lessons.I have much homework after school.But sometimes I always help my mother do some housework.We love each other and help each other.I love my parents,my family and my family life as well.

my family英语作文 篇3

Everyone has a family. We all live in there, and from there to get warm, there are six people in my family, my mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, sister, and me. We live a happy life together, our house has many interesting stories, especially mom and dad.

My father works hard. He is a driver, he always do his best to handle each car, try to make them comfortable. Sometimes, he worked too hard to forget to date.

My mother is a very bad memory. She would do a lot of housework, but sometimes because of her carelessness while doing something wrong. For example, one day, she use the washing machine wash his clothes, and finally found himself forgot to water in the washing machine.

Now let me tell you a funny thing: one day, the father thought as usual to get up early, but because he doesnt set the alarm clock the day before yesterday, so he got up late, when he woke up, he hurried to brush my teeth wash my face and went off to work, my father left, mother said to me mysteriously, "he must be back in a moment." "Why?" I am very surprised. "Because today is Sunday, his holiday." Mom just then, a little later, my father came back, and went to bed again, because he is too tired.

You see, what an interesting family! I hope you have a family like me.






my family作文 篇4

Everyone has a family. We live in it and feel very warm. There are five persons in my family. We live together very happily and there are many interesting stories about my family.

My father is a hard-working man. He works as a teacher. He always tries his best to help every, patient and make patients comfortable. But sometimes he works so hard that he can't remember the date.

My mother is a woman with a bad memory. She always does a lot of housework, but sometimes she makes mistakes out of carelessness. For example, one day, she washed clothes in the washer, after the washer finished the work, she found she hadn't filled the washer with water.

My daughter is a pretty girl.she is very lovely.

Sometimes my Family go out to have a trip together .I have a happy family . I love my family.

my family英语作文 篇5

Distant birds, eternal concern is the old forest; The wandering ship always cares about the harbor; The place in the heart of the traveling traveler is still home.

Home is a warm word. People will have a warm feeling when they hear it, but what is home?

Home is where a family lives. The happiness of the family depends on each family member to create and work together. My home is composed of a busy father, a kind mother and a lively me.

Look, my fat father is coming back. A smile always appeared on his round and kind face, as if he would never lose his temper; There are a pair of big eyes under the thick eyebrows; There is also a pair of eyes on the high bridge of the nose. Anyway, it makes people feel friendly. It was late and drunk when he got home, but he never forgot to visit me every time, which made me feel the strong fatherly love.

When you get home at noon, you can see your mother busy in the kitchen. Look, her willow like eyebrows are firmly engraved on her oval face. Her eyes are clear and bright, making people feel that everything in the world is beautiful without any dirt. Mother not only does housework, but also takes care of me. Every time I fail, give me encouragement and confidence, let me have the courage to face the ups and downs in the future.

I grew up under the care of my parents; But my parents are much older because of me. Their meticulous care for me makes me feel very happy. I will live up to their expectations and study hard to repay them.

This is my family. If people drink water, they know the temperature. The role of home in the heart is like a dress added when the wind blows. It's just right, but only you know how warm it is.

my family英语作文 篇6

Today is Sunday.My family went on a trip to People's Park.

The sun shone brightly,the grass was green and beautiful.

And the view on our way to the park is so fantastic that I couldn't stop taking photos.We have a picomic in the park.

My mother boated with my Dad on the river.I played with my friend Mike on the grass and then we have supper in a resaurant.

How plesasant the trip was!