高中英语作文 篇1

See this topic, you must be very surprised that a child will do such a thing, it also get, don't hold to anger, to listen to me slowly.

Since the school in junior high school, for some reason, I met him, think he is a make I meet with difficulties, make the mistake of the "right-hand man", from now on and he was like peas and carrots. Later, I was also not raise your hand to speak in class, homework is not seriously, often make mistakes when criticized by the teacher is okay, all because of him, naturally my grades from the top three of the class, down to the bottom. At this moment I realized my mistake, and put forward to break up with him, but he said: "grades slipped it doesn't matter, it just entered a junior high school! After you have plenty of time, and these grades slipped, is certainly because of changing the learning environment, to the teacher's methods are not familiar with. Don't use too much remorse, rest assured that everything will be okay... slowly after listening to his some persuasion, I dismissed the idea of break up with him, and relationship with him the better. The new moon will come to an end, my achievement is not ideal, teachers, students and parents to help me, carefully analyze the reason, I finally realized, was his, was influenced by him, I'm not disciplined, naughty, grades slipped!

School English contest this year, I want to sign up for, he said to me: "you won't have hope, English also is just dozens of before the whole class at ordinary times, if only to race, that doesn't hold back a big egg." Then he laughed, this words let I had to give up the idea of signing up, back to the previous lesson, I resolutely to make a decision, and put forward to break up with him, left him away. After break up with him, I study English hard, burn the midnight oil in the evening, though very tired, but I didn't give up. At last in the competition got a satisfactory result, second prize. This is probably because I broke up with him!

Said so long, you probably won't know his name! His name is "excuse" and remember, don't make friends with him!

Swim in the university.

Swim in the university, never swim at the end, because knowledge is infinite. Since we were born, began to swim in the university.

When we study some superficial knowledge is equivalent to swim in the shallow learning to some shallow reason is equivalent to dive in the shallow water to pick up the treasure, to pick up the knowledge. Swimming is to catch fish, why? Because knowledge like a fish, will be "away" if you don't grasp, "fish" will be back in the sea. Only to belong to you forever. So knowledge is to review, is the only way to stay in, otherwise, "fish" is back in the sea.

We can be pick up person also can be release. As scientists, philosophers, writers, etc. Is sown larvae and buried treasure hidden, disorderly pick it up to you.

Swim in the university, not to drown. Sank, that means you can't overcome difficulties, not solve the problem, but as long as find the right "fish", you will float, because you find the method to solve the difficulties.

But beware: be sure to look good or bad can't catch the fish! Caught, you will go bad.

Learning, let's swim in the university, swimming in the university.

高中英语作文 篇2

Hello, everyone. I am a 16-year-old boy with great confidence. My name is Alek. I am a student from Haimen Dongzhou Middle School.

I love English. I’ve been interested in English since I first learnt it. Gradually, my interest grew and grew, and now, when I speak English, I try to speak it loudly and clearly. In my daily life, I take every chance to practise my English. I am becoming more and more confident in my English ability. I believe nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. With the help of English. I am sure I will be a man of the world because English is a bridge to the world.

I am fond of playing Ping-pong. Whenever there’s a Ping-pong match, I always try to watch it, to see how the players play and learn their techniques.

I also enjoy music. Music makes me relax and happy. So, I often listen to music while I’m lying in bed. I really enjoy that happy time.

My favourite food is beef. I like it ever so much because I think it’s the most delicious food in the world.

I like the color green best. Green stands for hope and life. It gives life and fills me with energy.

So, that’s me, a boy with great confidence and a lot of hobbies.

As usual, I got up at six in the morning today. I am an early bird because it says "the birds get up early can catch worm", well, I wasn't going to catch "worm", even not the one in my computer, haha, they were actually some viruses in my computers, I guess it's because I use pirated software all the time. Anyway, I did exercises and then studied for a while just like before, but I got one more special thing to do today: shopping. you know what? today is Saturday, it means I don't have school.

The next thing happens made me happier today was when I went out shopping with my friends, a person looks someone who was just travlling here ask me for direction. I told him the direction but it seems he didn't get it, so I decided to walk with him to the place he wanted to go to. and finally, we found the place yep!

And then, after I helped him, I met a beggar, he asked me for 2 dollars to buy food, what? I have only 3 dollar, so I gave him 1.5. I was so kind. Yep!I am so happy!

Somewhere along the line, the generation gap evaporated. Age separates us now and little else. We agree on most everything, perhaps because we've learned there isn't much worth disagreeing about. However, I would like to mention that fly fishing isn't all you've cracked it up to be, Dad. You can say what you want about wrist action and stance and blah, blah, blah...

I've been happily drifting for a lot of years, Dad, and I didn't see you getting older.

I suppose I saw us and our relationship as aging together, rather like a fine wine. Numbers never seemed important. But the oddest thing happened last week. I was at a stop sign and I watched as you turned the corner in your car. It didn't immediately occur to me that it was you because the man driving looked so elderly and fragile behind the wheel of that huge car. It was rather like a slap in the face delivered from out of nowhere. Perhaps I saw your age for the first time that day. Or maybe I saw my own.

For this snowstorm, in order to allow the victims of the snowstorm in the restoration of normal life as soon as possible, a large-scale donor activities began. Online publicity in calling for the release of the postings, and many factories and companies have generously star performers also have given their own a love those old super-women, men also faster and harder for the donor to the streets promotional activities. United States, Japan, China also donated many of the funds.

Eating snow merciless land, and the cold winter wind and pain to people's face, a broad Bing-Shuang moment frozen in the road. All seem to have become difficult, snow is like a white demon with our raging snow Aiai Bixiang snow mountains, unable to find the way out. However, we will not admit defeat! We also have "love"! No matter what natural and manmade disasters have been carrying the love! It is like a bouquet of light, lit the path of hope, we are no longer afraid, no longer fear!

There is a feeling is cold, there is a force called "love"!

Love is in a winter sunshine is hungry and cold people feel the warmth of the world; love is in the desert in recent springs, to the brink of desperate people to see the life of the hope of love is a floating in the night sky in the songs, so that In the loneliness without access to spiritual consolation; love is a long spell of drought in the flesh littered the land of the mannose, withered soul feelings of the people feel nourished.

In the face of disaster, people do not be intimidated, a wide range of people facing natural disasters launched a valiant struggle, they dedicated a sweat, and tears, and even their lives…… roadside stations, stations, the staff did not let outages We do not panic, the people stranded in the street mutual concern, a concerted effort of snow removal during the love around us in the spread, replete with.

The workers Luo Luo Chang-ming, ZHOU Jing-hua lost their lives in deeds we are aware that they are to repair the power grid and sacrifice is to sacrifice the interests of the people! We respect them, it is even more of a commitment to fight the same snowstorm in the end!

Leaders personally braving snow condolences to the people and civilian police employees. I still remember that Prime Minister at the station with a loudspeaker called on all that frame, still remember a photograph that young policewoman carrying a bowl of soup, smiling women with a spoon feeding the hands of the baby; still remember electrician were in the towers, waving the chisel, then scattered under the shadow of borneol; still remember that after the rescue, tents, the soldiers sleeping face……

高中英语作文 篇3

Which is more important, wealth or health? Different people have different opinions.

Some people prefer wealth, holding that money can not bring everything, but without it, one can do nothing. In order to accumulate more money they can do anything. However, other people regard health as more important. Once health is lost, it is no use having a lot of money.

As far as I am concerned, I love wealth, but I value health more. Everybody wants to live a happy life. So they try their best to earn money which can ensure they lead a comfortable life, but if happiness and comfort are achieved at the cost of their health, how can they be happy? Without health money becomes meaningless.

In my opinion, no one agrees that a wealthy person without good health can be happy. So, just do our best to keep healthy.

Almost all of us heard the story “ Here Comes the Wolf “ when we were little kids. What we can learn from the story is that we must be honest. However, there’re lots of phenomena of dishonesty nowadays.

Being dishonest does great harm not only to other people but also to yourself. Take the case of fake milk powder for example. After drinking this kind of milk, the babies had big heads while their legs and arms were still thin, which badly affected their health. To our great relief, the producers got accused and punished for all the serious consequences in the end.

Having the reputation of being honest and reliable will make other people trust you, which will provide you many benefits and give you opportunities that others may not get. Being honest, you will find it easier to cooperate with others and people will be friendly to you and support you. In a sense, if life is a long journey, honesty will be the backpack that should be taken along all the way.

高中英语作文 篇4

Enough sleep is very important. It affects we are happy or not. We can easily find if we sleep enough in the night, we usually have a good mood next day. But, if we do not have enough sleep, sometimes we will feel depressed without a reason. What’s more, sleep also affects our study or work.

Try to imagine that a sleepy person how can he listen to the teacher in class or work in their position. It must be a hard job or in low efficiency. Thus, if a person sleep enough, he can do better in their life. In addition, do you find that a person with good sleep usual do not have acome, because enough sleep balance their internal secretion and detox. Knowing the importance of enough sleep, do you

高中英语作文 篇5

As a senior three student, my life is extremely full and occupied. With a big dream to fulfill, I enjoy my school life, working diligently and passionately.

However, I can’t deny that I am burdened with so much that I feel exhausted sometimes both physically and mentally.

Too much homework takes away our time for enough exercise and the development of personal hobbies.

My parents also push me a lot, which contributes to some unpleasant conflicts or misunderstanding between us.

How I wish our society would pay more attention to our health and all-round development! Leaving us less but more efficient homework will help make our study life in senior three more colorful!






高中英语作文 篇6

Everybody wishes to be seccessful,but not everyone arrive success.just as the saying goes"".cosequently,there are several quantities we require to succed.

Firstly,a strong will is necessary ,without it we would givve up when we were faced with barries coming up in our lives.obviously,a strong will is a requirement which equiped us with perseverance. Secondly ,hardworking can not be overlooked as another quantity.all great man to be successful is of them can deny it.from this we can see that hardworking is a foundation of success.

All in all, only we have two quantities mentioned above ,can we succeed.

高中英语作文 篇7

The road of life, I do not know how many people want to meet, however, will eventually leave the memory is not too much, can often destroyed even less.

This time back to my hometown western hubei, always want to find a find three o. Three is the elementary school higher grades of my classmates. O remember one semester, the teacher in charge distribution of three and I sat a, the teacher said let me help, o three learning. Generally, three very hard, but learning. He's very disciplined, attends class always put his arm back behind, chest is quite high, sit very straight, don't move a lesson.

Had a bad habit, frozen hand in winter every year. When I see his swollen like steamed bread thick back, purple with yellow the skin does not block the frostbite water, I was very difficult. Sometimes can't see, see, the in the mind it hurts sourly, like long frostbite on the back of my hand.

"Why don't you wear gloves?" To do morning reading on, I asked three o.

"My mom did not give me to do, we shop business is very busy......" Three o answered with a very low voice. Three o the voice is very nice, with girls shy and tenderness.

Know this, I several times to be a thought: "I give three knitting a pair of gloves."

We girls of 13 or 14, at that time will make some simple rough knitting. Looking for some a few thin wire, sharpening tip on his brick, or pick up a tap to pick up the bamboo, do four bamboo sticks, bamboo stick with broken bowl of ballastless blew out, this is knitting needles. Then, from home to find some their socks are worn out, followed by set (at that time, we still don't know in the world have nylon sock!) Apart and put the socks thread, can weave the cap, gloves, etc. In order not to interfere with or write, we often weave the kind of half gloves no fingers and the palm of your hand. It was a very humble is not very nice gloves. But everyone wear the gloves, who also not too ugly.

I would like to give three knitting a pair of gloves, sometimes to be strong. But never dare to. Ghost know, we were very small, the children of 13 or 14, but have a strong psychological "discrimination". This psychological between the male and female classmate line very clear, each other can't be big enough.

Remember there is a boy in the class, the prestige is very high, it is "king" of the male students in the class. "The king" is very powerful, "a boy to listen to" king "command. A class, as long as the "king" called for a stem, and there will be many people crowding round to do; As long as the "king" who say not to play with, will be "hua" a large of people don't talk to the students. "King" and his generals often doesn't obey their will to boys and girls nick-names, very ugly, very hurt the heart of the nickname. Class or after school, they are either pull a racket, "one, two" closed the group to chants, parents name one (of course, the parents always what the "problem" in politics and reputation has been badly); Or they shouted at a boy a girl's name, or shouted at a girl a boy's name. This is the most bad the most sad thing, because they have so a shout, a boy and a girl are known. Let people know that "good", it is very shady things.

Such mischief often makes me very afraid, afraid of "king" and his "general". Sometimes afraid to the extreme, and even fear to often have nightmares at night. As if from then on, I became a poor cautious. So, I also secretly hate a group of "king", determined to grow up in the future, go far away, never to see them!

Three o often and "king" the children play together, but never see him hurt someone. Sometimes the "king" on the merit, sometimes it seems a long time not talk to him, it must be the "king" of the world what happened contradiction, I think. I didn't figure out the total three o whether citizens under the leadership of the "king", but I really hope the three-no belongs to the "king" of the world.

When in primary school grade five, my father suddenly in a morning, is zoned became the "right". Posters, comic books, and cross "x" father name both inside and outside the school, to stick. Dad's appearance lets a person very ugly, limbs is very developed, head is small, some, but also has a very long and thick bushy tail... At first glance to see these, I almost passed out. The college is near my house, "the king" often came to see posters, comic book. Read, walk of my house, always closed the group to pull up the throat shout the name of my father. They are shout to me, shout out. They think this is probably the most happy thing, but I am sad dead. Heard the cries of the "king", I was scared dizzy, was supposed to open the door, and immediately frighten hide behind the door, a half-day did not dare to move, for fear that the "king" saw me. After them off with it, I often cried and can't go to school, mother urged me to coax me, but by the end of the school gate, I still can't go in, always hide what coma or the shade, outside the school gate until hear preparatory bell for class, ran into the classroom. A class, a teacher in, "the king" they dare not to shout the name of my father, I always think so.

At that time, the fear of the "king" is like a mouse afraid cat! Now that I think about it, is concerned, is very sad.

"I didn't call your father's name..." Once, the three gently said to me. Also don't know is he saw that I insulted a person often steal a cry, he still feel that this is not a good bully, anyway, he asked me to do so. Remember after three o hear this sentence, I cried so much, my throat like a wall with a mass of cotton, a basically on during morning independent study. Three o the early read nor endorsed, loudly just flip back and forth with his books, appearance also blame poor.

In fact, my heart is very clear, although three o and the "king" is better, but his mind's eye is good, don't want to bully. This is his bright, big folds eyes told me, eyes, looking at you, very pure, very friendly, very gentle, make you no fear of him. Remember that time, I have to this pair of eyes looking at three o, and the other boys, especially the "king", I'm not afraid to face again.

A long time, the three eyes always stay in my heart, I think, even the pairs of eyes to look good I sympathize with his life wouldn't be in my heart out...

Three is good at play, the ball is cloth. Is the old cotton cover tightly bound with cord into a round ball, wrapped into a big watermelon, large bowl, the ball, and with its own meaning. Cover trim out again after a piece of old socks, broken mouth sewed up, is the ball. That s western hubei city primary school, the students are playing the ball, wrap cloth ball almost endemic, three o wrap cloth ball round, is also very substantial. O three pitches percentage is quite high, almost is in. Three o the team no. 5, 5 means that the ball is best, the number five is usually long. Few of the girls love playing a ball game, our class has two only, I am one of them.

O remember three in often literally divide into classes to play ball, always be on me, he's side. Then, mixed play to play, it is often the case. Even after the class literally on the court shooting, the three also from time to time to rob the ball to the miserable I stood in the playground. Later, I play basketball well, so that the junior middle school, high school and university as the team captain. Then often think, will be playing basketball three o thanks.

However, three o this kind, friendly act at the time it takes courage, is to take risks. Because to do so, is doomed to have been "king" of ridicule and sarcasm.

Such a misfortune finally happened. Don't know which day, also don't know is for the sake of what, the "king" three o name suddenly shouted at me, shout very fierce. They were shouted at me, I will feel it suddenly collapsed, heart suddenly broken, eyes suddenly dark, head suddenly blow up...

A few times, I also saw them shouted at three o my name. The trinity silent, tightly closed lips, face flushed bright red. See the appearance of three o embarrassed, my in the mind is very sad, feel sorry to him.

From then on, I don't want to give about three o knit gloves; Three dozen cloth ball, I dare not go anymore; To do morning reading on, we who also no longer speak quietly; We who also no longer manage who, like mad! But in winter, and then see three had swollen black purple black purple like steamed bread thick hand, I feel I owe three o many, many, will never give him any more...

The three home across the "Wang Yimao pickles shop". I don't know what his house to open shop, only remember buy spicy sauce to the "shop Wang Yimao pickles," every time, I always want to look ah three shop. See up and down the steps of the door, with a lot of bamboo basket, bamboo basket, bamboo basket, and women with the paper of yellow paint with black paint of rough on the counter, round bottle mouth filled with orange disc rolling sugar sugar, also have wrapped in cellophane, Ann with bamboo sticks like a rattle lollipops... In fact, in the other shop also can buy chilli sauce, but I always want to run far away, go to "shop Wang Yimao pickles," buy. Not sure why, just want to, the re-understanding walked out of the shop. In fact, even if the three really walked out of the shop, I don't speak to him, but I hope he came out of the……

Once, I went to buy chili sauce, three really walked out of the shop, and saw me. Know three saw me later, I suddenly felt afraid. At this moment, I saw three along the green flag paved street, walking toward me.

"They also live in this street, don't let them see you, or, and called the name of your father..." Then he ran back to "boom". I know, he said that "they", refers to the "king".

Looking at the three ran into the shop, I want to cry again. I suddenly feel, I will never forget three o, o three grew up in the future, must be the best man in the world!

Later, after admitted to high school, I don't know where is the three o. Is it to go to, or didn't get in? Take an examination in which class? I don't know how to ask for it. As an adult, often regret it, do a child, don't know how to cherish friendship?

Read high school for half a year later, I'll go too far away, to look for my brother, the han river downstream for study, for survival, because my father and mother have been rushed to the deep, deep went to the mountains. Since then, I didn't see the three, but three bright, full of goodwill eyes often appears in front of my eyes and dream.

Life I do not know how they had such in a hurry, so imperceptibly, it seems, are still not understand what is going on through the many years. One day, after more than 20 years back to hometown to visit my mother, want to find the first is three.

Unexpectedly, I found a very successfully at that time the "king". "King" was warmly greeted me, "the king" is a very beautiful young wife. This age, the age to see "the king", I'm a "mixed feelings". Speaking of childhood past, I burst into tears, "king" also feel dejected.

"Not to mention the past, we were small, don't understand...... your father die very bitter." "The king said," very sincere, very sadness. Is ah, decades of ups and downs, we are all grown up. The grace of childhood, hatred, now think of, is all lovely things, let a person yearn to make people miss...

"The king" o quickly help me find the three and two classmates in my childhood. When the "king" took three o come to see me, I was very panic and the brain from time to time, flash on the screen of the three bright folds eyes. Talking and laughing when they heard the went into the house, I tried to try to identify three o's voice, but can't do that...

Three o last went into the house, when I try to recognize it is 3 o, my heart suddenly a sad and disappointed, that's not my memory of three! Where is the bright eyes? Standing in front of me three o, appear calm and indifferent, seems to be for my return is already expected to things, did not show much surprise and sweet. Have a little fat body, hair and have begun to make my heart spasm miraculously twitched up: 3 o years taking away my childhood... I suddenly felt very sad, we lost too much! There are lots of things worth to cherish one's life, but when we haven't had time to go to cherish it, everything has become the past, everything is gone...

Three o asked me to go to his house for dinner, "the king" with two classmates and childhood; I am very happy. I know, it is three and the desire of the "king". Very grateful to my childhood friends to put me such a good program. We the people, the opportunity to meet each other in life too, will become the best remembrance of such party.

Three o wife than the big three, also is not beautiful. His wife is the "eighth" county, model worker. Looked at squatting on the ground quietly blowing in the scales of sanhe o run outside running food for our three o a considerate wife, I feel very comfort, but a sad again: childhood three never back again, o this is life.

"... I was in Beijing in 1969 as a soldier, I heard you there at college, I have to find you, but didn't find him." When you eat, the three said to me. This is my unexpected things, looked at three o, I have a lot of gratitude, the three will not forget me!

"I offer, I propose a toast to our childhood." I stood up.

Sanhe "king", there are childhood friends who have lifted the cup.

This moment, we seem to have much to say, but who also didn't say anything, I don't know if it stood silent in the heart of, and I like to think, life is the best way to friendship, friendship is the most profound attachment is the bosom friend of childhood... My feeling tip grieved, and I really want to cry.

O, he left three drives a car to send me on the station (three in the county government leaders to drive).

"Sorry, we are grown up..." Really didn't expect that, when parting, o SanNeng speak out such emotion. His looks, however, are very, very detailed static, not to say there is no expression, just staring at the front, the static stability under the steering wheel. This con appearance makes me very depressed, since three o find, I will always want to talk about things in childhood, such as about the gloves, cloth ball or "shout name" of the storm... 3 o days, however, has grown into a man, calm and condensing adult three-no belong to my feelings, I think. Is unexpectedly, parting, the three say this sentence to my life will never forget his words again.

高中英语作文 篇8

On a Saturday, mother took me go to see the animation film "Rio 2", heard that the film is very funny.

Movie at the beginning, came a cheerful song, BLUE macaw BLUE and BLUE macaw jewel is a pair of husband and wife, they have three lovely children, their characters are different: the eldest child in the three children kara likes music, old two garden she like reading, the youngest child, he is the most adventurous. On the balls, naughty little parrot tied his nanny on fireworks, fireworks on hurry, their mom and dad come, BLUE a bit matches robbed come, then education small parrots can't do that, can be finished education, matches and didn't, iron BLUE kind of running around, once lit fireworks, BLUE discovered immediately to rescue the nanny, as a result, the nanny, have taken himself tied down to save the fireworks burn up at that time, the BLUE even fireworks fly on the sky, also good BLUE fly home person again, looked at the beautiful fireworks in the sky together holding the children said gently: "later don't have my adult can't own fireworks! Remember?" "Dad. Remember!" Small parrots chorus said. After they live a carefree life in New York. One day, their mother jewel miss life want to fly freely in the sky outside her previous life, just want BLUE agree with family to go out adventure, tia's youngest child hear adventure to act around my dad: "dad, dad to go!" BLUE thinking for a long time finally agreed. Ready to go, his love of music friends also want to go to, said: "we have to find inspiration, to venture into the outside may give us some inspiration!" BLUE agreed, and they hit the road together.

After several days, and finally, they and their friends in the life of the original amazon jungle, they found many blue macaw in amazon, with a blue macaw is pearl's father, jewel seen dad died in a battle that had not yet been very happy excited! She saw the bird and she grew up together, jewel is very happy here, but BLUE don't think so, because of pearl's dad doesn't like him, because he was in town to birds, and humans is close, and there's birds hate humans, because some human destroyed their beautiful homes, BLUE want to tell them the human is good or bad, but they don't listen, BLUE is more and more by their rejection, BLUE very uncomfortable, want to take the jewel back, jewel feel here is very good, BLUE think of a words: "the day the wife happy, comfortable." Bear down. Day, bloom to jewel a he loved to eat breakfast, who knows, find can find other birds, the result is a game. And jewel father look down on the BLUE wouldn't let him play, only let him water, to finally have no substitutes, so we have to make the BLUE, BLUE for football games is very talented, good front, has been won, but in the end, but toward their goal kick, lose, jewel of dad more don't like BLUE, BLUE before went to bring up his people - Linda, then find the process, he found some people cut down trees in ready hurriedly call said there are birds, then he found tied with Linda, he saved Linda, then let her to help prevent humans cut down trees, then the BLUE with all BLUE macaw, said: "with BLUE feather parrot!" Then other bird shouted: "want to stick together!" Then, BLUE with all birds to attack the human cut down the trees, with the help of Linda also, finally, the bird victory, but unexpectedly, the head, cut down the trees but by a bomb in the big tree, the BLUE saw, hurriedly slid the bomb from the tree, with a bomb flying the sky, a bird hate BLUE also come up with, to hold onto the BLUE, he committed suicide dating BLUE, BLUE of the explosive see attached to the rope fast burn out, just throw the explosive heaven, holding the bird fell down, and also good with vines caught them, a "poisonous frogs" accidentally gave her beloved "poison" shoot the bird, the bird think oneself to die, the "poisonous frogs" SOB to say: "since I don't have any symbiosis with you, that I die!" Beside himself a "poison", bird finished watching clapped together, the only love reading little parrot said: "in fact you do not have poison, you is a kind of easy to be misunderstood varieties, from pink spots you can see that." The frog listened to the happy is broken! Quickly dragged her beloved birds go! All the birds are scattered.

From then on, BLUE is a king of the jungle, and all the birds are very kind, the last BLUE here forever and your family a happy life here.