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我们大家都有梦想,梦想着成为伟大的人。读书之法,在循序而渐进,熟读而精思,这里是可爱的编辑为大家收集整理的my dream英语作文优秀10篇,欢迎阅读。

my dream英语作文120词带翻译 篇1

My Dream

Everyone has his dream.My dream is to be a famous journalist in the future.When I grow up,I'm going to be a year,I'm going to write articles for magazines and newspapers.I'm going to a university in Beijing after senior school.Maybe I'm going to find a part-time job and save some ,I'm going to work for a TV station as a journalist.Then I'm going to travel all over the world.What is your dream in the future?Would you like to tell me



我的梦想英语作文 篇2

Everyone has a dream. Some people want to be astronauts like Yang Liwei, go into space, travel freely and explore the mysteries of space; Some people want to become skilled doctors, overcome difficult and miscellaneous diseases in medicine, and let more people get rid of the pain of disease

My dream is to become an excellent engineer, design a high-tech house and let people feel the convenience brought by high technology. Now, let me show you the house I designed:

There are three identification systems at the door of the house, and the anti-theft function is particularly strong: the first is eye iris identification, the second is voice identification, and the third is fingerprint identification. The three identification system can only be opened through the back door. The owner of the house can safely go away without worrying about the theft of things at home.

When the house is dirty, just press the blue button and a robot will appear in the room to help you clean all the rooms. If you are hungry, just press the purple button, and a table of delicious food will be presented in front of you for you to eat.

Don't panic when the house is on fire. Just press the red button and the top of the house will spray water automatically. This kind of water is very magical. It can only put out fire. When it meets other things, it will instantly decompose into air and will not damage anything in the house.

Although this is only a dream, I believe that as long as I study hard, this dream will come true.

my dream英语作文带翻译 篇3

Dream, is an interesting word. It means the things somebody wants to do. Also, I have some dreams. Some are easy, and some are difficult.

When I was eight years old, I have some dreams. Such as to be a Super Man, or fly in the sky. Now, I think they are silly. But I think it was cool and may be come true before. Now, my dream is to be better or be successful. From this, I think the dreams will be more constructive as the time go.

Now, my dreams are difficult, but I will do it as well as I can.




mydream英语演讲稿 篇4

When I was a naughty boy, may be because of theinfluence of the film.“Xiao Bing Zhang Ga”,my dreamwas to be a soldier just like Zhang Ga. I thought if Iwas a soldier, I should be able to swim, dive andclimb trees as he did. It seemed to be verywonderful. So I began to learn swimming, diving andclimbing trees. I practiced every day and finally Icould do them well. But when I entered junior highschool and had the military training. I suddenlyfound that being a soldier was very difficult and Iwasnt strong enough to bear it . I had to give mydream up.

But I wasnt discouraged, and I had new aim, which was to be a postman, or rather to bea newspaper boy. As a newspaper boy. I could speed along streets on a bike and thrownewspapers onto every porch. Thats also very cool. So I started learning to ride a bicycle.After the everyday practice, I could go very fast by bicycle. But to my disappointment, the jobwhich I wanted only existed in western counties not in China, because there was no porch inChina. And Chinese postmen had to stuff very thick newspapers into very small mailboxes fromvery narrow entrances. The job was far from what I had expected. So once again my dream fellthrough.

Perhaps you have had the same experience as I and most of your dreams havent cometrue yet. But I think it doesnt matter, because if you have a dream, youll make many effortsto realize it. This course is really important. If I hadnt dreamt of being a soldier or anewspaper boy. I wouldnt have learned to swim, to dive, to climb trees or to ride a bicycle.Even if our dream cant come true, youll learn much from the efforts you have made. Sowhat I want to tell us is that dream helps us to grow up and teaches us how to control ourlives . It is dream that gives us power and makes our lives colorful.

my dream初二英语作文 篇5

my dream When I was a little girl, I had a dream to be a famous writer. I remembered that I made a big decision to realize my dream that I started my first writing of a novel. I was a skinny little school-girl with glasses who dreamt up characters with qualities I longed to embody – they were pretty and powerful and lived lives full of intrigue and drama. After I finished high school, although that story like most of my writings ended up unfinished and stayed in the bottom of my desk drawers, I enjoyed and made fun of my writings when I read them later. Now I am a college student majored in engineering who studies science and math everyday. In the mean time, I am trying to bring my first book to an end. I have been always thinking why we couldn’t take our dreams into our own hands. I would encourage everybody to find ways to live their dreams, whether on a small scale – like my writing of a novel – or a bigger scale, like going after a job we have always wanted. I am living with part of my little passion, in my own way.


我的梦想英语作文 篇6

My dream weekend is Saturday, I’mgoing to Hainan. I am going to the sea. I will seemany tall trees. There will be many boys and grils.They are going to run and jump. I am going to swimin the sea too. At noon, I’m going to the KFC withmy mom and dad. In the afternoon, I’m going to thezoo. In the zoo, I am going to see mang animals.Maybe the monkeys will eat banans 。 Because theylike eating bananas.The kangaroos will jump. Oh, itwill be fun.Two tigers will fight. In the evening, we aregoing to watch TV together.

What about you?

What are you going to do on the dream weekend?

my dream 英语作文 篇7

Where‘s my dream.

It‘s to visit Tian an men Square in a sunny summer morning.

Oh, what‘s Beijing.

Is she a young lady. who is teaching the chldren to sing. before the building. What‘s the building.

It‘s the Great Hall of the People .one ofthe most famous places in Beijing.

I hope my dream will come true tomorrow morning.

Let‘s go there, singing and dancing.

我的梦想英语作文 篇8

Everyone has a dream. Some people have only one dream in their life and always follow it; Some people have different dreams at different stages of life. At this stage, I have only one dream - to become a famous "mechanical design master"!

One day in the library, I found a magazine called "modern weapons"。 On its cover, a magnificent warship is chopping forward on the sea. I couldn't help but pick it up and concentrate on reading it. There, all kinds of weapons came into view and were overwhelmed. While I admire these weapons, some strange ideas immediately came to my mind: how do they fly? How is this designed? Can this be modified?

Since then, I often begged my mother to buy me some assembled models. Whether it's a chariot as fierce as a lion or a fighter flying under the blue sky; Whether it is the brave and good fighting generals of the three countries, or the Gundam soldiers with steel bodies; Both the indestructible base and the invincible team are vivid under my assembly. I will enjoy the process of "putting together" small trophies whenever I see them. In addition to assembling according to the attached drawings, I can also give full play to my imagination: I can change the abandoned mobile phone into a lifelike robot; I can turn a broken radio into a frightening fighter; I can change the damaged toy car into a huge gun.

This is my dream. Although it seems so unattainable now, I won't give up. Dream is the source of power, and I believe this power will help me climb the "Mount Everest" of this industry and grow up with learning!

my dream经典英语作文 篇9

One night, and had a wonderful dream, dreamed that he met two friends, one is pleasant goat, and theres a bugs bunny, they send to receive a gold whistle, as long as receive the danger to blow the whistle, they will immediately appear.

One day, on the way from school, and see there are two)●( big, bad, big mouth and a long nose, aunt was robbing a wallet, he quickly ran past picked up the bag desperate toward the two big, bad, shouted: "dont rob aunt wallet." The two big, bad a see a kid, dont take him seriously, said: "mind your own business." Receive a look oneself also beat the two of them, suddenly reminded of his own gold whistle, he blows, bugs bunny and pleasant goat is falling from the sky, pleasant goat with a borrowed from red Wolf pan, bugs bunny with an iron fist, two of them together to play the two big, bad, under the two took the two big bad egg beaten black and blue, a big mouth and a long nose are kneel for mercy said: "dont hit, dont play, later never!" Say that finish, quickly ran away.

Receive just want to thank two friend, they suddenly disappeared, a worried he woke up, just know originally had a wonderful dream.




my dream初二英语作文 篇10

Hello, everyone. My name is Luo Weiyi. Weiyi in English is unique. Yes, I’m an unique girl. I’m lovely and energetic. I like asking why. I want to be a scientist in the future.。 Remember me, I’m LuoWeiyi, an unique girl.。

I have a dream

I wish I were a fish. If I were , I can swim all the rivers and oceans. I can see the charming scenery under the sea. In my eyes, blue is the most beautiful color.

I wish I were a rabbit. If I were, I can run freely in the grass, in the wild, in the forest. In my eyes, green is the most active color.

I wish I were a bird. If I were , I can fly happily in the sky.。 In my eyes, white is the most purest color.

I have a dream. I can live with the

lovely animals. I can make friends with them. I can play games with them. I hope my dream will come true.