Its Important to Learn English(英语的重要(精彩5篇)


In modern time, when science and technology are making great progress, the education of the work force is the most important。 Moreover, many of the success in advanced countries have demonstrated that a nations prosperity mainly depends on the quality of下面是小编辛苦为大家带来的Its Important to Learn English(英语的重要(精彩5篇),希望大家可以喜欢并分享出去。

英语的重要性英语作文 篇1

English is the most widely spoken in the world. It’s spoken by most people in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It's also very widely used as a foreign language in many other countries of the world. It's widely used for business between different countries. More than three quarters of the information on the Internet is in English, too. It is really a bridge to so much knowledge 。 English is used by travellers and business people around the world. It's one of the world's most important languages as it is so widely used. That's why more and more people in China are interested in learning English.

English is so useful that we must learn it well 。 Now let’s work hard at it and see who learns it faster and better in our class 。

合作的重要性英语作文 篇2

In modern society, there is an eternal topic, that competition and cooperation, one can't live independently in the society, the competition and cooperation between people is the survival and development of our society. Tree length, water QingZhuo, sentient beings busy Yu Daqian world, they are inseparable from the competition and cooperation.

So-called competition is two or more individuals or groups, in an activity naturally each other's behavior, also is the two sides compete for a goal, and only one party can win, and the cooperation is two or more individuals or groups, to achieve common goals in an activity the behavior of the joint cooperation, both sides have a consistent purpose, and the two sides Shared the results.

For competition, you must present won't feel strange, without the competition of examination, we would not be standing here, to make a quarrel, however, the lack of cooperation, "north-south dialogue" "south-south cooperation" will become empty talk; The lack of cooperation, the establishment of the international space station will be nothing; The lack of cooperation, we will today still live in the shadow of the "SARS", in the midst of bird flu.

But the competition and cooperation is not the opposite, some students are too opened, and they share some talk about competition not only talk about cooperation. When someone asked him a question, also don't go back to jilt a "don't know," think of other people's problems solved is to develop a rival, against their competition, so the person is selfish, will eventually be eliminated by the society, others think that the competition is not necessary, only pay attention to cooperation, which leads to the status quo, no enterprise miserable state, when he was a comfort in doing a dream, the world has forgotten them. So, the above two practices are not correct. We should put the competition and cooperation are equally important position, let them make, for me to use, to reach a higher level.

If compare life to a scene, the competition is the audience pairs of discerning eyes, and cooperation is a friend with you. The classmates, let us treat competition and cooperation correctly, produce the most gorgeous flowers.

学习重要性的英语作文 篇3

When I use the English words to make sentences and talk with others , I exactly feel interested 。 So if you ask me the question-“how do you find English”,I must say : “Quite well , I like it 。 ”

The reason is quite easy to give 。 At least I get an ability that I can use another language to express what I have in my mind 。 In addition, English is not as hard as Chinese to study as long as you devote yourself in it 。 What , I think , is important is that the importance of English is raising sharply in the world 。 If we don’t do our best to learn it , we will not catch up with the tide , that’s the motive power of my English studying 。

All in all , I am willing to spend more time on college English and I will try my best to learn it well! Hoping that my English can be wonderful in the future!

学习的重要性英语作文 篇4

The day before yesterday, my mother bought a watermelon in the street. My mother took everything back and found it was a raw melon. My mother was very angry and took the melon to change it. As a result, it was another raw melon. Although mother was still very angry, she didn't change it again. Because my mother knew that as long as the melon was cut, the melon could not be sold, and my mother also felt that the melon farmers were very poor.

Today, my mother bought another melon. It feels very sweet to eat. Because the melon farmer is leaving tomorrow, my mother bought watermelon again today. It's said that the melon farmer hasn't slept for three days. After coming back, my mother said to me, "so now you should study hard and change the fate of melon farmers after you are satisfied." my father listened to my mother and said to me: "now you should study hard and work hard when you grow up, so that these people can live a little happier.

At first, I didn't pay attention to what my father said. Later, I thought about what my father and mother said in order to cope with the diary arranged by the teacher, but I really understood the importance of melon farmers' hard work and learning.

Now study hard, not only to have a bright future and return their parents' hard work, but also to let the poor live a happy life!

沟通的重要性英语作文 篇5

Communicationis the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thought,messages, or information. There are many communicating methods, such as speech,visuals, signals, writing or body languages.

Itplays an important role in social lives of human beings, which some peopleconsider that it’s the basic of human existence.

Onthe one hand, it’s the communication that spreads information, making us knowthe news although it’s far from us. By communicating with others, people sendand get information that helps us know about our surroundings. We all know thatinformation is extremely important in our lives. On the other hand,communication builds personal relationship, which connects different peopletogether. We live in the same society which makes personal relationshipessential in lives. Only with communication can we build and keep good personalrelationships with others. In addition, communication can eliminatemisunderstandings and promote emotions. When we have misunderstandings withothers, timely communicating is the only effective way to solve it.

Inshort, communication is essential to all people that everyone should realizethat. Therefore, we should learn how to communicate with other effectively.

沟通是传递信息、交换思想的活动,有许多沟通的 方法,例如说话、视觉交流、信号、书写和身体语言等。沟通在人类的集体生活中发挥着重要的作用,有的人认为它是人类存在的基础。