初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇1

Hello ,everybody.My name's ,I'm from .It's really a fantacy place,people there are very friendly and helpful.There're also some places of interests in my hometown,I love it and hope that you can visite it someday.I was graduated from School/University,it's also a nice school.There're 3 people in my family,you know,my parents and I.We love each other and live a happy life.I usually play ballgames in my spare time,and I think I'm good at basketball.My dream is to play a basketball game with my idol--Kobe one day. :) So,you see,I'm really an easygoing guy(如果是女的就说gal).That's all,thank you.


初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇2

Hi, my name三is . I'm years old, a middle school student apparently. I love music very much although I'm not very good at singing. I've been playing guzheng, an ancient traditional instrument for a long time and now I'm in level 10, which means a really high level among the amateurs. Apart from that, I also like to reading and writing. They both give me a lot of fun and build my unique personality as well as my goal and dream. I like Wangfei very much. She could be my favorite singer.... Personally, I've been considering I have a really complicated personality because sometimes don't really like to study, sometimes..... However, I'm very positive and look forwards to my future because I'm the one who will realize my goal.

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇3

I have a black head shiny hair, under the curved eyebrows like dark ruby eyes, one nose, have a love to eat a small mouth.

My character is careless, each semester there will be three to four times forget a homework or textbooks, there are many wrong every homework.

My hobby is painting. Every Saturday, Sunday, I whether to write every finished the homework I draw. Mother often said to me: "don't be so many pictures, to finish your homework first." But I always put the mother remarks.

Remember once, it's a weekend. I bring in art class didn't finished painting pictures. Just as I was entranced, mom knocked on the door of my room, I under a big jump, speak hesitatingly ground to say: "why? The mother said:" hurry up homework. "I have to love not voluntarily wrote, mother see I was writing homework and went away. My mother, I will bring just drawing picture. After two hours, mother opened the door of my room on the said:" not finished homework? "I also said hesitantly," no. "My mom was angry said to me:" that you just doing? "I say:" to draw. "More angry mother raised his hand to beat me, also say to me:" you shall not go out to play in the afternoon. "

My disadvantage is that the caprice, every time no matter didn't finished the homework I watch TV, eating snacks to eat to have a stomachache only regret. Later I must be to mend the shortcomings, won't make this shortcoming.

Look! This is me, would you like to make friends with me?

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇4

Hello,every! My name is Lihua. My English name is Helen. I have two bright eyes and short hair. I'm twelve. I`m from Shenzhen city,e are three people in my family, my mother, father and I. My parents work in a bank. They work hard. I begin to go to Shenzhen No.4 Middle School this month. I'm in Class Three, Glade shool is very good. There are about three thousand students in it. And I have a good English teacher. Her name is Luowei. she speaks English very well. We all like her。 Now,I have some friends. They are all friendly to me. We're all happy

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇5

Hello everyone:

I am eighteen this year .I live in the beautiful city of Chongqing,I am kind-harted .I like making friends with others .I like sports very much .Such as,runing,swimming and so on.I like reading books,too .I think books can open my eyes and give new idea to me . This is me,A suny girl.

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇6

With a ponytail, is still calculate tall, folds, big eyes, the skin is not black, this is what I -- liang in spirit. Sometimes a little capricious, sometimes a little clever, this is me - liang in spirit. I claim to be ice snow cleverness, lively and lovely, innocence. (a bit exaggerated) I like reading, singing, watching TV... This year 12 years old. When I was in grade 4 are activists, 5th grade is outstanding young pioneers, also had a solo contest, today to read grade 6. I also have shortcomings. When I was a child, mama always said: "you ah! What a" naughty "!" My mother is also a reason. 3 grade, I brought friends home to play. That is was a hot summer, we began to play makeup in the house, my mother's cosmetics, everyone to makeup, also take out your home and all the bed sheet when cloak. When mom came back and saw a mess in the home, we all dress up like a clown again, then in distress situation and a little angrily scold me is a "little devil".

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇7

Dear teachers, dear classmates,

My name is . I am twelve years old. My birthday is April 17, the lovely Aries, the all-purpose o type blood, I graduated from lixin county experimental primary school.

I am the kind of "quiet like a virgin, move like a rabbit" type, the bridge of the nose is on the shelf a pair of glasses, ah! It's all computer trouble! I am not tall, but short and strong, concentration is the essence!

My grades, elementary school is good in the class, won several awards in all the subjects, a former leader of class, mid-team leader, big DuiWei and deputy district chief, also is the teacher's disciple, but it has become a thing of the past. I feel the pressure in the class where the master is gathered. But I believe that pressure is the motivation, I will work hard to refueling!

I like sports, love running, jumping rope and table tennis. I often participate in all kinds of activities organized by the school, and I have performed well. Many times, I have been regarded as an example.

In the past, classmates and friends went to different schools, and there were few in the water. Therefore, in the new environment, I believe I will know more new friends, and I hope you will be willing to make friends with me.

Through my description, I believe that you know something about me. During the next three years of study, I hope we can get along well with each other.

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇8

Good morning, everyone! My Name is Lu Xin. I am so happy to stand in front of you to introduce myself. I am thirteen years old. I graduated from the No.1 Primary School of our city. I like reading books and playing badminton. I hope we can take exercises after class. Besides, I like watching movies and listening to pop music. I am sure there are some classmates who have the common interests with me. Therefore, we can communicate with each other. In primary school, I did well in Chinese but math is not so good. I hope I can make progress in middle school. I am very excited to be a classmate of you and I hope we can make progress and have good days together.

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇9

Hello everyone,my name is ...,14 years old this year,is a lovely little girl. Im not tall,but I have a pair of very very big eyes,below this pair of big eyes and a small nose is not high also not stand,oh,by the way,I also have a cherry small mouth,I also with a high,like a shuttlecock braid. ? Im pretty! I like reading,every time my mother give me money,I always save them up,in secretly run to the bookstore to buy their favorite book to read,I always like a breath and I bought the book to read them,then read ten times eight times,this I have no problem. Every day,whenever I see some books,will be half a day not to e out,because the book is the sea of knowledge,roam in the ocean,is my greatest happiness. As a result,I had the nickname in it. I also like playing basketball,the somebody else all say tall fit to play basketball,but I think that is short can play basketball as well. Just like me,its not bad,but not candidly admit defeat. I not only like reading,playing basketball,I also like playing puter games,what small game,and dazzle dance,is my favorite,whenever I see puter depression can also fondle admiringly.

This is me,a like reading,like to play basketball,I like playing puter games.

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇10

My name is Zhu Huisi. I am twelve years old. I am 150cm. I have short black hair and black eyes. My hobby is playing badminton.

I am in year 7 MIddle School. I go to school by bike. I like my school. The teachers ar very kide. I am keen on sports and handworiting. I enjoy playing basketball in winter, and playing badminton in summer. My best subject at school is Chinese. I want to be a Chinese teacher

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇11

hello everyone. my name is .... i am a student of grade eight . i am an outgoing , lovely girl and i am so welcomed by my friends and my classmates.

i have a best friend, xiao hai. she is very interesting and lovely too. she often tells funny stories and always make me laugh. we often play together. i like action movies. i think they are exciting and interesting.

i often go to the movies with my friends on weekends. i can aslo play the violin and have won many prizes in the competitions. i take violin lessons twice a week. it is a little hard for me but i am very happy , because i have a dream. i want to be a great violinist one day.

thank you.

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇12

Hello! Everybody is good! My name is silvia Vivian, now in the experimental middle school junior high school, I have an oval face, a pair of black eyes. I this year 12 years old.

My hobby is reading. Speaking of reading, I still have a little story! That day, I saw my classmate bought a "do not cram school on the first place", the book I've been yearning for a long time, but dad just don't give me to buy. My self-esteem is very strong, from small to large, almost never beg others this time, crustily skin of head, I had to pick up to her, and who knows, she said I can do that, can want to take the animal books in with her, I had to give the book to her and asked her for the book.

To say I love, just for exercise. Nature is very good sports results. The fifth grade, the game running, ran A second and got A sports scores. Mention this, my heart can't help but feel pride.

My weakness is I love fall "king do do". Well, you don't laugh, this is also my hobby le! Keep the pet died, cry! Exam is bad, cry! Reading see a touching and nose a acid, have fall in two rows of "big pearl". However, I do not feel embarrassed, the ancients cloud: "when laugh, laugh, and cry, cry, do not need to hide."

My biggest advantage is don't care about the faults of others. When birthday last year, my brother accidentally knocked over the ink inkstone, ink spilled my a skirt, but I just put on the day that a new dress! See my skirt was dyed, large and small, black "flower", make a mess, the younger brother was dumbfounded. See brother unprepared like, my soul is longitudinal so don't want to, not comfortable, but also can pretend doesn't matter, smiled and said: "all right, be careful next time, besides, I also don't like this dress, is want to send a man?"

I lively, cheerful, warm, generous. My personality, let me get a lot of friends; My personality and make me lose a lot of bosom. This is me, a real me, you are willing to make friends with me?

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇13

It seems that I answer your hunger, or help you think, I am a student, the writing should be able to meet your requirements... The self-introduction is as follows:

Hello, everyone. My name is , and you can call me xiao yi (small name). This year, I'm just 14 years old. Said his own character, in fact, I also is not very clear, sometimes very careful, sometimes is very careless. Sometimes very irritable, sometimes also very patient. (this play up very personal, very refined)

My favorite thing is usually sat in front of his desk, pull open the curtain, let the warm sunlight in the body, plug headphones, play your favorite music (here must be lyrical songs), after holding a pen, in their own notebook to record their own mood, experience and experience, so I will feel very comfortable ~ ~

Actually I also have a "skill", that is "p", then a network is very popular in the technology of beautification photos, if the students or teachers need, I will let their photos more sunshine, beautiful beautiful ~

To say my fault, that is "lazy", because I have never liked sports, so sports scores have not been very good, new semester I will resolutely change this bad habit.

The next to enter junior high school life, how to say, there are both yearning and a strange fear, ha ha ~ it's face, I am not as good as with an optimistic heart to accept it ~ ~ in the face of so many new students, I have confidence to become their each one's bosom friend ~

Thank you ~

初中自我介绍英语集锦 篇14

Hi, everybody! I call , like a challenge and optimistic girl! I like the sunshine, like the green grass, because I was bathed in sunlight, absorb the dew of mother earth, with thick love thriving little vanilla!

This year I was ten envy television host, impromptu speeches is hope my future will be like ju pin sister that the famous anchor. So I came to the city high school, vice minister of the propaganda campaign, the hope can be in this arena exercise myself, sharpening, constantly to own ideal near! I know it is not easy thing, not only the eloquence practice to thick culture, to wit humor, need to make a comprehensive development of man. Therefore, I need to do hard work. In precious childhood, I would learn a keyboard, dance, brush calligraphy and painting to enrich their life. Now in addition to learn lessons, my life is colorful, enrich the happiness. On Saturday morning in this foreign language school to learn spoken English, in the afternoon, evening in zhengda practicing dance in dashan art school sketch.

Is my biggest hobby is reading, the father mother bought me a book, read, I have no idea food and sleep. I like reading books, especially the various types of preference for some stories and philosophical because it allows me to realize the truth, many living and studying the confidence to motivate yourself and self-motivated, confront the challenges, Let me also learn to learn cooperation, And let me know how the society sincerely take care of others, will win friends to help, life is colorful, happy!